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Lymphedema: Current Issues in Research and Management
2000 Review article 

Effects of Pulsed Radio Frequency Diathermy on Postmastectomy Arm Lymphedema and Skin
Blood Flow: A Pilot Investigation. 

2002 Describes some pilot results with some encourging outcomes
Lymphology 2002;35(suppl):353-356

Limb volume estimates based on limb elliptical vs. circular cross section models.  
2003 Describes use of  standard measurements when limbs are not circular  
Lymphology 2003;31(3):140-143

Foot volume estimates based on a geometric algorithm in comparison to water displacement. 
2005 Describes method to conveniently estimate foot volumes Lymphology 2005;38(1):20-27

Increased Lymphatic Flow in the Thoracic Duct During Manipulative Intervention
2005 Describes increased  lymph flow during osteopathic thoracic and abdominal manipulations

Transcutaneous oxygen tension in arms of women with unilateral postmastectomy lymphedema 
2006 Describes tissue oxygen and blood flow in lymphedematous arms  
Lymphology 2005;38:81-86

Hand volume estimates based on a geometric algorithm in comparison to water displacement.  
2006 Describes method to conveniently estimate hand volumes  Lymphology 2006;39(2):95-103

Assessing local tissue edema in postmastectomy lymphedema  
2007 Describes a new method to measure local tissue edema  
Lymphology 2007;40:87-94

Skin tissue water and laser Doppler blood flow during a menstural cycle  
2007 Describes measurements of local tissue water and skin blood flow

Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging

Measurement decisions for clinical assessment of limb volume changes in patients with bilateral and unilateral limb edema.
2007 Describes proper ways to measure and report limb volume and edema  Physical Therapy 
2007;87:(10) 1362-1368

Interface pressures produced by two different types of lymphedema therapy devices.
2007 Describes features of 'pumps' used for treating lymphedema  Physical Therapy 2007;87:(10) 379-1388

Localized Tissue Water Changes Accompanying One Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
Therapy Session Assessed by Changes in Tissue Dielectric Constant in Patients with Lower Extremity Lymphedema
2008 Describes effects of MLD on local tissue water  Lymphology (in press)

Local Tissue Water Assessed by Dielectric Constant: Anatomical Site and Depth Dependence
in Women Prior to Breast Cancer-Related Surgery
2008 Describes variation in local tissue water by site and depth

Local tissue water changes assessed by tissue dielectric constant: Single measurements versus
averaging of multiple measurements.

2008 Describes utility of  single vs. multiple measurements for clinical assessment